Wanted: Jury members

Science Expo

26 & 27 april 2019

Wanted: jury members

Robocup Junior

18 may 2019

Science Expo

Young scientists between the ages of 12 and 20 years old present their scientific experiment or technological innovation to the crowds visiting the I Love Science Festival in Brussels.

Science Expo is looking for researchers or teachers from all kinds of academic fields to be a part of the jury. As a jury member, you’ll evaluate the scientific value, originality and presentation of the participating projects within your general field of expertise. The winning projects will be selected to take part in international science expos. The jury interacts with the  participants in Dutch, English or French. A working knowledge of at least one of these languages is a prerequiste to join the jury.

In addition to questioning and evaluating the participants, jury members have an important role to play as coaches and scientific role models. Offering encouragement and advice on the further development of a project, giving tips for improvement or providing information on scientific careers and studies is just as important to us – if not more – than selecting the winning projects.


Science Expo

26 and 27 april 2019

Brussels Expo


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Robocup Junior

Robocup Junior is Belgium’s largest robot competition for young people (ages 8 – 18). Participants build and programme their own robot to take part in one of two challenges:

Robots On Stage: the team programs the robot to perform alongside them on the podium. This unique challenge is multidisciplinary, not only requiring a well-designed and programmed robot, but also a tight choreography, original props, decor elements and costumes. Jury members for the On Stage discipline will not only evaluate the design and programming of the robot, but also the aesthetics of the performance and the amount of teamwork displayed by the participants

Robot Rescue: requires the team to build and programme a robot to find its way through a maze autonomously, making use of its sensors. Jury members will keep track of timing as the robot navigates the maze and will evaluate the build quality and programming of the robot.

What we’re looking for in our Jury Members:

Contrary to what you might expect, we’re not just looking for robotics experts! Of course, we need more than a few engineers and programming gurus in our jury team! Anyone with a heart for young people, science communication and the ability to operate a stopwatch (not necessarily in that order) can apply!

Robocup Junior

18 May 2019



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