Doctoral Derby

Participate in our Doctoral Derby and reach out to the general public! Our yearly competition for PhD candidates is all about science communication. During the course of this derby, you learn how to explain your research in a simple and effective way, whether it be through writing, public speaking, or recording a video. Not convinced? Also bear in mind that your family, neighbors, and non-academic peers will be grateful to finally understand what your research is actually about! 

How does it work? Reserve a spot on the preselections of your own doctoral school. By doing so, you will first get a training on how to write a popularizing abstract. On the pre-selection itself, you will orally present your research to the jury and your peers. Leading up to the finals, all successful candidates will get the opportunity to follow a public speaking training from the Floor is Yours and record a three-minute video on their PhD topic. The winner of the finals takes a 500 euro research budget.