Pint of Science is an international phenomenon, without a doubt. The annual science festival takes place in May. It was born in the UK in 2013 and in only a few years conquered just about the whole world.

The aim is to bring scientists like you closer to the people. Or, let’s say, closer to the rest of mankind. And what better way to do this than to put both together in a local bar? It’s the perfect opportunity to show the human stories and real men and women behind all that amazing science. Share your knowledge, enjoy a beer, and who knows –  you might get an interesting take on your research at the bar afterwards!

Join the biggest science festival in the galaxy, happening in a pub near you!

To support Pint of Science and its volunteers, we help them get in touch with VUB & Ehb research talent that fits the bill.

Are you interested in participating in the next edition?